1. Semiotics and communication

    This panel approaches directly the act or phenomenon of communication in the light of semiotic theory. Its purpose is to develop the premises for a semiotic theory of communication. While communication was explored thoroughly in the light of other disciplines, and, as such, understood within the perspective of sociology, psychology, cognitive sciences, cultural studies or philosophy of language, semiotics accounts for communication as an act of signification. As such, communication is not accounted for as necessarily dependent on categories such as social interaction, cognitive abilities or cultural background, but as purely a phenomenon of signification. This is the most theoretically general and open panel.

    Chair(s): Dr. Dumitru Borțun, Professor of Semiotics and Theory of Language, Ethics and Social Responsibility at National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania; Nicolae-Sorin Drăgan, PhD Candidate in Communication Studies at National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania.

  2. The communication of knowledge: education and beyond

    This panel explores semiosis in communication in educational context. Learning and teaching reveal the basic structures of semiosis. Learning is possible because interpretation is possible. For this, recently, a theoretical branch of semiotics which approaches education, edusemiotics, was developed. In its long history, semiotics always underpinned educational theory. The first theoretical semiotic investigations, in the early middle ages, had the purpose of developing educational theory. Since the edusemiotic project started, it has known a wide interest. Papers in this panel investigate the communication of knowledge in semiotic perspective. The area of exploration aims at issues such as: knowledge as signification, the possibility of knowing, the possibility of communicating knowledge, the relation between signification and information and the semiotic analysis of educational settings.

    Chair: Dr. Alin Olteanu, School of Education, University of Roehampton, London, England.