Honorary guests

  • Augusto Ponzio and Susan Petrilli

Augusto Ponzio, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Theory of Languages at University of Bari “Aldo Moro” is a renown Italian semiotician and philosopher. He has made a significant contribution as editor and translator to the dissemination of the ideas of Peter of Spain, Mikhail Bakhtin, Emmanuel Lévinas, Karl Marx,  Ferruccio Rossi-Landi, Adam Schaff and Thomas Albert Sebeok, in Italy and abroad. Augusto Ponzio has authored the first monographs ever on a worldwide level on of Emmanuel Lévinas, Mikhail Bakhtin and Adam Schaff. Each of these monographs has been translated and reworked over the years and presented in new enlarged editions.

He has promoted the Italian translation of numerous works by Mikhail Bakhtin and members of the Bakhtin Circle, including Valentin N. Voloshinov and Pavel N. Medvedev, and others. Augusto Ponzio has also contributed to Karl Marx studies in Italy and in 1975 published the Italian edition of his Mathematical Manuscripts.

Among his numerous publications he has authored over a hundred monographs. The most recent include: The Dialogic Nature of Sign, Ottawa, Legas, 2006; The I Questioned: Emmanuel Levinas and the critique of Occidental reason , Subject Matters, special edition, vol. 3, 1, 2006; Fundamentos da Filosofia da linguagem, with Susan Petrilli, Petrópolis (Brasil), Vozes, 2007; Semiotics Today. From Global Semiotics to Semioethics, with Susan Petrilli, Ottawa, Legas, 2007; Scrittura, dialogo e alterità. Tra Bachtin e Lévinas, Bari, Palomar, 2008; Lineamenti di Semiotica e di filosofia del linguaggio, with Susan Petrilli, Bari, Graphi, 2008; Emmanuel Levinas, Globalisation, and Preventive Peace, Ottawa, Legas, 2009; Da dove verso dove. La parola altra nella comunicazione globale, Perugia, Edizioni Guerra, 2009; L’Ècoute de l’autre, Parigi L’Harmattan, 2009; Rencontre de parole, Paris, Baudry et Cie, 2010; In altre parole, 2011. Fuori luogo. L’esorbitante nella riproduzione dell’identico, Milan, Mimesis, 2012. With Susan Petrilli he has introduced the concept of Semioethics, now the title of an Italian  monograph  of 2003, Semioetica (English translation forthcoming) and of an essay commissioned by Paul Cobley for The Routledge Companion to Semiotics, 2010.

Susan Petrilli is Professor of Philosophy and Theory of Languages at the Department of Lettere, LingueArti – Italianistica e Culture Comparate (Letters, Languages, Arts – Italian Studies and Comparative Cultures), University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari, Italy, Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Psychology, the University of Adelaide, South Australia, and Vice President of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS-AIS).

In 2008, she was nominated 7th Thomas A. Sebeok Fellow of the Semiotic Society of America. She has contributed significantly to the dissemination of Thomas Sebeok's work in Italy and of his global semiotics in particular. She has translated most of his books and has co-authored with Augusto Ponzio two monographs dedicated to his thought: Sebeok and the Signs of Life, 2001, and I segni e la vita. La semiotic globale di Thomas A. Sebeok, 2002.

She is the author of a number of books, including Sign Studies and Semioethics (De Gruyter Mouton, 2014), Victoria Welby and the Science of Signs (Transaction, 2015), The Global World and Its Manifold Faces (Peter Lang, 2016); nelle edizioni Mimesis: Altrove e altrimenti (2012), Riflessioni sulla teoria del linguaggio e dei segni (2014), Nella vita dei segni (2015); in Mimesis International: Challenges to Living Together. Transculturalism, Migration, Exploitation (2017).

Susan Petrilli is also the co-author, with Augusto Ponzio, of Semiotics Unbounded and author of Signifying UnderstandingSign Crossroads in Global PerspectiveExpression and Interpretation in Language, and The Self as a Sign, the World and the Other, among others. Professor Petrilli's research in semiotics includes philosophy of language, semiotics, biosemiotics, bio-ethics, and the work of Lady Victoria Welby.  Professor Petrilli serves as a member on editorial boards of some of the most esteemed journals in the field of semiotics today, namely, Semiotica (Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies), TTR, Traduction, Terminologie, Redaction. Études sur le texte et ses transformations, Journal of Biosemiotics, Russian Journal of Communication, International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, and Signs (International Journal of Semiotics). She is also a Co-Director of several book series including the following: (1) Nel segno (with Augusto Ponzio); (2) Gli strumenti (with Augusto Ponzio and Patrizia Calefato); (3) Di-segno-in-segno (with Augusto Ponzio and Cosimo Caputo); and (4) Segni-di-segni (with Augusto Ponzio and Cosimo Caputo). She has been a Fellow of the International Communicology Institute, and an international visiting research scholar in the University of Adelaide, Australia and the Hawke Institute for Sustainable Societies, the University of South Australia.